NY Based & Worldwide
  Cheyenne Lutek
Commercial & Fitness Model
Actress, Author, & Activist

Cheyenne Lutek 


Cheyenne was born and raised in rural southern New Jersey and is now currently based out of the city of New York with business continually occurring around the world. She is an ambitious entrepreneur and successful business woman, her travels bringing her to all corners of the globe. 

Holding modeling and acting experience, she states that she has realized that "the modeling and acting industries have allowed her to expand her horizons and meet life changing individuals while having wonderful, eye opening experiences."

She enjoys sports, as well as fitness modeling, and staying fit is a long term goal that she has in her life. She was crowned the 2012 New Jersey State Champion in track and field for the event of Discus and previously played soccer for 11 years. 

Literature has also been a passion of hers since a very young age, having first been enrolled in advanced placement English classes in the 5th grade. She now continues fueling her passion by continually reading, as well as writing for her blog, magazines, and her own books. She is currently in the process of working on a sci-fi novel called Retrograde
For writing samples, visit this website's blog or email at Cheyenne@CheyenneLutek.com

Cheyenne always brings personality into any situation given to her. She is known as being good at working with others and being a reliable individual. She prides her involvement in bettering the environment and her role as a leader to others. With Liberal views, and as a naturist, she feels that "an open mind is an open heart." Supportive of women's rights and the LGBT community, she is always finding ways to get engaged with the community for the betterment of the world and its citizens.

If in need of a model, actress, writer, or activist with an exotic look and sparkling personality, Cheyenne fits the description!